10+ Best websites for Bitcoin Mining

When investing in bitcoins it is necessary to consider finding reliable websites to mine bitcoins so that you can generate criptomonedas periodically and safely. The problem with this type of investment is to make a decision and bet on a place where your Crypton Coins are not in danger of disappearing overnight.
Therefore, if you are looking for websites to mine bitcoins  on the net today we are going to offer you the following pages to do mining in the cloud safely:

  1. Hashing24 100% recommended.
  2. Genesis Mining
  3. Eobot
  4. Minergate 100% recommended.
  5. OXBTC
  6. Hashflare
  7. Magnr
  8. Mining Sweden
  9. BitCoin Cloud Services
  10. CloudThink
  11. NexusMining

# 1 Hashing24: Cash to Minar Bitcoins in the Cloud [100% RECOMMENDED]

If you want to bet on bitcoins mining with maximum efficiency, without a doubt, we recommend betting on the criptomoneda mining website known as  Hashing24  since, to this day, it seems to be the website that offers greater security in the Mining of bitcoins in the cloud and the daily rewards transactions obtained.
When you have completed registration in Hashing24  (it is very fast and a matter of seconds) you must choose the power hash to mine bitcoins and accept the contract. The contracted power is sent to the data center of BitFury where the mining takes place. Once the mining begins, the rewards received by the miners in the cloud will be received daily.
In short, if you are betting to mine bitcoins on the net, we recommend this option that seems to work reliably, with contracts and payments of daily rewards . Do not think about it any more and take advantage of your bitcoins with Hashing24 !
NOTE : You can get a 4% discount on all Hashing24 bitcoin mining contracts using the MGAN32DG code.

# 2 Genesis Mining: Mining of all types of Cloud Cryptons [RECOMMENDED]

If we are definitely going to bet on mining bitcoins in the cloud, we should not ignore the Genesis Miningoption   because it is probably the biggest mining giant of bitcoins because of the large number of clients and mining rigs accumulated in its system located in Iceland.
Genesis Mining  has been offering bitcoin mining services since the year 2014. It has a spectacular website and its social networks are frequently updated with information on current news about cryptones and the evolution and progress of its service.
In this service you will be able to choose the criptomoneda that you prefer to mine by choosing between Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dashcoin, Ethereum, Zcash and Monero according to your interests and the criptomoneda that you want to accumulate in your account.

# 3 Eobot: Mined Criptomonedas in Red

Although in its launch phase we distrusted enough of the offer of Eobot to mine criptomonedas in your work machine or in the network, to date, has become one of the reference websites to mine all types of criptomonedas.
In Eobot , you can hire the minted from any criptomoneda or enjoy your faucet that gives small quantities of bitcoin daily just by visiting the page.

# 4 Minergate: Cryptomanes mined in your Mobile or PC

Minergate  is an excellent website where you can mine bitcoins and all kinds of criptomonedas from the moment you register. It is especially interesting that you can do it from your desktop machine, whatever your operating system, as from your android mobile phone.

# 5 OXBTC: China Cryptomanometer Mining Platform

OXBTC  is an incineration platform in China that allows you to contract mining power from 1HS to very low price. We know that he has been working and paying for months and it seems like a good alternative for making bitcoin mining investments.
OXBTC offers daily rewards payment through the HashStore very easy and simple to use. The payments of the contracts can be made by means of deposit of in BTC just as the withdrawals of the rewards can be realized daily to your external purse of bitcoins or reinvertidas in acquiring greater power of hash.

# 6 Hashflare: Safe and Safe Criptomon Coins Mined

Hashflare  is a service of mining of criptomonedas that offers several packages of mining from very economic prices. In its favor, the fact that it takes a long time to offer the service without intermittency and quickly in the payment of daily rewards. If you have not started mining bitcoins or want to diversify your investment strategy, this is without a doubt one of the best mining options for bitcoins and criptomonedas.

# 7 Magnr: old BTC.sx

BTC.sx has taught us something fundamental, to do business with the mines of Bitcoin, the most important is transparency. And in that respect, BTC.sx are phenomena.
And as we always say, the decision of where to invest or buy bitcoins is always yours, ours are only tips.
BTC.sx has transformed its service of mining bitcoins into another known as Magnr a virtual currency trading tool in which you can get a small performance from your criptomonedas.
In short, currently Magnr is considered a service of purse of bitcoins  and trading of criptomonedas that does not offer services of mining as it did previously under the name of BTC.sx. With this transformation, it seems that performance has slowed but allows you to trade bitcoins in real time or just let your account be managed automatically.

# 8 Mining Sweden: Best Web for Mining Bitcoin [INACTIVE]

Undoubtedly  Mining Sweden is the best website to mine bitcoin  in the cloud. That is why you should not miss the details of the analysis we have done of this great web accessible from miningsweden.se .
Mining Sweden is a long-running bitcoins mining service in Sweden. One of the few that has remained in this list without having to eliminate it because it has stopped working or by default to its customers.
Although Mining Sweden's performance has declined over time , the service continues to function: it allows new registrations and makes payments.

# 9 CloudThink: The Smart Mine [INACTIVE]

We do not know if CloudThink is the intelligent mine, but without a doubt, the facilities they put to mine bitcoin makes this web worth to be tested.
Update : Cloudthink web service was accessible from cloudhink.io  but has stopped working in the last few months, failing to make payment and does not seem to be active again in the future.

# 10 NexusMining: Bitcoin Minion Survivor [INACTIVE]

We love to be invited to see bitcoin mining facilities , and few websites do, but NexusMining breaks with the lack of transparency that so bad reputation has given the mining bitxoin , and gives us some lessons on the subject.
With more than two years active it seems that it is without a doubt one of the best services to mine bitcoins in the cloud  still allowing records and we know that caters to the payments. One of its advantages is that it allows to make payments in different currencies and criptomonedas like bitcoin, litecoin, dogecoin, darkcoin or American dollar or euro.

# 11 Bitcoin Cloud Services: Bitcoin's Mine to the English [INACTIVE]

If you want a web ReliableTo mine bitcoin , you have it in BitCoin Cloud Services , no doubt, you will like it. Updated: Bitcoin Cloud Services has stopped paying and recently is no longer working as it had for months. DO NOT INVEST .
Unfortunately Bitcoin Cloud Services has stopped working and it does not seem like it will do it again.


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