Breadwallet raises $ 7 million in financing and installs in Switzerland

Breadwallet, one of the first and most popular portfolio services Bitcoin, has just  raised $ 7 million in its last round of venture capital financing and at the same time announced that it will establish its headquarters in Switzerland with the purpose of expanding its Market and add new features to your wallet.
Many investors have decided to trust the platform . Among them are DAS Capital, East Ventures, Globe Advisors, Liberty City Ventures, Maffin Inc., Saison Ventures, private investors, family offices and other funds around the world. Also included once again is the Japanese site OkWave, with which it had already allied in 2016.
Investor Kaneto Kanemoto, CEO of OkWave, commented:
Japanese bitcoin users, in particular, are drawn to the simplicity and safety of Breadwallet that differentiate it from its competitors. Bitcoin activity in Japan has grown dramatically in the last 12 months, and we expect to accelerate the growth of bitcoin and Breadwallet worldwide.
Kaneto Kanemoto
CEO, OkWave
On the other hand, one of the representatives of DAS Capital , Shinji Kimura, expressed with respect to his investment:
We are investing in Breadwallet because of its unique business model and forward thinking strategy. We believe that the digital currency will become increasingly influential as the industry continues its rapid expansion, and Breadwallet is well positioned to be a dominant leader in space.
Shinji Kimura
CEO, DAS Capital
This round of financing, according to the press release , aims to expand the company in its operating procedure system and develop further improvements in order to increase the adoption of Breadwallet and bitcoin worldwide. In addition, it aims to provide users with an increasingly neat experience and capture new markets such as the Android ecosystem.
To answer the reason for the establishment of offices in Switzerland , Adam Traidman, Breadwallet CEO:
Switzerland has emerged as a boil of activity for criptomonedas ventures, and we are drawn to its leadership in conservative financial legislation. Its strong reputation for privacy in banking for consumers is the ideal fit in our charter to empower individuals with the benefits of bitcoin.
Adam Traidman
CEO, Breadwallet
The way in which the Breadwallet platform is designed offers its users a fairly high security because it does not have a server that can fall or be hacked, because it  uses the nodes of the network to obtain the necessary information for the transactions. So far it has been directed especially to the iOS system, but apparently it hopes to expand its horizons and functionalities very soon.

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