Dash to host its first global conference in London

London will host the Dash Conference, the first global conference of this platform  that has focused on instant transactions, an interesting proposal of meeting and debate on cryptoactives, blockchain technology and the experience of this currency within the ecosystem, Part of the main figures of your organization.
The event will touch on issues such as the evolution of the Dash project, scalability, regulation, Dash's governance and its potentialities as an effective payment method, digital and not subject to third party estates nor to banking laws. Amid the irruption of "hundreds of weekly cryptoactive", Dash wants to make known why betting your money will be positive for your customers, and share the experience that the team has had in the ecosystem.
Among the participants are the CEO of Dash, Ryan Taylor; The developer, Chuck Williams; Daniel Díaz, and Legal Adviser Fernando Gutierrez, in an event that will be supported by Keynote Events, and will take place at the Oval Space in London, UK, on ​​September 24th.
For the uninitiated, Dash represents an exciting opportunity to join the cryptoconversion community. Dash is an easy-to-use top-10 cryptography. Since its introduction in 2014, Dash has gone from strength to strength, before experiencing a huge boom in 2017. The Dash community is growing every day. At The Dash Conference, you can rub shoulders with leaders and devotees alike.

The Dash Conference
According to the official announcement the goal is to " unify a global audience of investors, developers, miners, hobbyists, traders and more." An opportunity for the community around Dash to discuss the technical innovations of the platform: the Instand Send and the Masternodes . Approaching this way possible economic actors and technological development, as they have planned, as told a few months ago to CriptoNoticias.
In addition, the firm organizes other events such as The North American Bitcoin Conference , the World Blockchain Forum: investments and ICOs , and has attracted hundreds of top-level participants as well as renowned ecosystem personalities such as Roger Ver, Patrick Byrne, John Mcafee Or Vitalik Buterin, among others.
Dash is in the top- 10 market capitalization with over $ 1.8 trillion, which translates into more than 7.4 million chips, worth $ 243.88 at the time of writing this article, after That in June broke the barrier of the 200 dollars .
Team Dash approved in early August recruiting firm cyber security Bugcrowd to make a clearance bugs and to  find vulnerabilities in blockchain the criptoactivo , taking seriously the potential of Dash on the market and Within the ecosystem.

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