Platzi and Bitso will talk about Bitcoin and criptomonedas in Mexico City

The Mexican ecosystem of distributed accounting technologies and cryptographic currencies is constantly growing, moving the interest of small and large investors who increasingly feel a need to know how these new financial tools work and what are their most profitable benefits in Mexico and world. It is due to this growing demand that the companies Platzi and Bitso have decided to join forces for the accomplishment of a talk-meetup on Bitcoin, and criptomonedas in general, in Mexico City today.

The collaborative talk between these two companies is born in a framework where the criptomonedas have more and more impact in the business and financial world. Diego Miramontes, Country Manager of Platzi México, exclusively emphasized for CriptoNoticias that the students of Platzi feel very interested in the subject of the cryptographic currencies and for that reason the institution has been avocado in facilitating a channel of knowledge on these new technological tools:Platzi is a company dedicated to education in the area of ​​programming, design, marketing and general entrepreneurship tools; Founded in Mexico City by a community of enthusiastic students and sponsored by firms such as Adobe, Y Combinator and 500 startup. On the other hand, Bitso is one of the most important exchange houses of criptomonedas of Mexico, with governmental alliances and businesses with Amazon .
There is much interest in our student community on these issues, every day more. We want to teach on this topic, start with the bases and then specialize in the applications that have the criptomonedas. There are new business opportunities and we want to prepare people.
Diego Miramontes
Country Manager, Platzi Mexico.
To satisfy the demands of the student community, to introduce the cryptoactives in the Platzi curriculum and to celebrate the inauguration of the new headquarters of the company, the educational institution has organized a talk about criptomonedas with Bitso as special guest and authority in the Theme, this current Friday August 18 in the capital of Mexico.
The meetup was planned with a capacity of between 80 to 100 people, expectations that were fulfilled as they have informed from their twitter account the company. The meeting has four speakers, among them Yohan Graterol, technology specialist from Platzi, José Rodríguez and Pablo González, members of Bitso, and a special guest.

Likewise, the platform  Platzi has decided to launch its own Bitcoin course , which will be enabled in November this year  and will focus on the differences between different cryptoactives, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin, to name a few; As well as programming in blockchain, mining and application of smart contracts.
This educational movement is in line with a Mexico increasingly committed to distributed accounting technologies, a region where events and DLT projects are organized more and more often, he told CriptoNews José Rodríguez, vice president of payments for Bitso:
In the last two years, the community, the events and the number of people who know and do transactions with Bitcoin and other technologies have grown. It is becoming more frequent to see meetups, conferences or hackathons where the main theme is Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum. Companies, Financial and Educational Institutions are investing in their research, development and dissemination. Even the public sector in Mexico, begins to look for specialists or to promote their development.
José Rodríguez
Vice President of Payments, Bitso.
This constant increase in cryptomoneda activity in the world, and specifically in Mexico, is due to the fact that cryptoactive offers countless benefits to companies. For example, Rodríguez explains, when making international transfers that are safer, more efficient and faster, the criptomonedas are an increasingly important option in the business world:
For companies that receive or send international transfers, it becomes a very convenient, fast and transparent financial tool. An application that we see in increase is for payment of services or payroll abroad, or from abroad towards Mexico.
José Rodríguez
Vice President of Payments, Bitso.
Faced with this new landscape that could revolutionize the business and financial industry, as well as reduce the costs of products and services, it is not extravagant that cryptographic technologies increasingly generate popularity and adoption in countries around the world.
In this sense Mexico has been characterized to lead important projects and startups dedicated to these disruptive tools with a view to positioning themselves in the international market and solving national problems, generating an increasingly complex and popular market that is among the first in Latin America with Important exchange business .

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