Shapeshift Announces Partnership with Cold Bank Manufacturer KeepKey

This Tuesday, August 15, was announced the acquisition by ShapeShift Swiss platform of the manufacturer of cryptoactive storage hardware, also known as cold wallets, KeepKey. A move that can mean significant growth for both companies.

Through a statement published on the blog of SapeShift , the realization of said agreement was revealed. The implications for it to be carried out are quite simple to deduce for those who know the products of each company, since the advantages that both can offer each other working together are wonderful.
The cold portfolios are rated by many experts as the safest way to keep your criptoactivos because it does not leave them lying on an exchange or online portfolio to which any hacker could shrewd enough to access. This should always be a top priority in the development of any online and offline platform that manages money or assets, and is one of the common goals that will now pursue KeepKey and ShapeShift working more closely than ever before.
The union of these companies will not affect the responsibilities of each brand with its production line, which will continue to function as it has been doing in general terms. In fact, the acquisition leads KeepKey to work as a subsidiary company of ShapeShift from now on. What is expected is that the integration between its products is now much greater and more innovative, providing greater simplicity in operation and a more profitable experience to the new user as well as the experienced user.
In addition, another benefit of this coalition is the availability of more capital to invest in the development of more advanced products . Especially after the high demand for resources invested by KeepKey to solve situations related to the last bifurcation of BTC and the implementation of BCH to its platform; To which the CTO of this company, Ken Hodler, recently mentioned in an interview.
KeepKey and ShapeShift were already working together beforehand. The Exchange platform API was integrated with KeepKey hardware more than a year ago , making it easier to manage BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH, among others, in the device. This not only allows the storage of cryptoactives, but also the exchange between them within the device without having to move them to exchange houses or other platforms.
Users can keep their coins in the device and exchange them at will in the wallet without even visiting a website. When you sync the KeepKey device with the ShapeShift swap, the experience is magical.
Erik Voorhees
CEO, ShapeShift

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