Bitcoin Foundation offers legal advice on cryptoneses to US authorities

Established in September 2012, the Bitcoin Foundation has dedicated itself to supporting the education, adoption and diffusion of distributed accounting technologies, specializing in the criptomoneda bitcoin. It is due to this work, in conjunction with the current regulatory situation of cryptographic currencies in the United States, that the institution has offered to the government authorities of the nation to fulfill the role of legal adviser in the sector of cryptones .

Llew Claasen, executive director of the Bitcoin Foundation, recently announced from Washington that the foundation is ready to provide legal advice to US federal entities with a view to curbing the increase of government regulations focused on bitcoin and other digital currencies, which have gone in recrudecido from the act promulgated this 2017 by the ULC, agency in charge of promoting the regulatory stability in the United States.
The Bitcoin Foundation considers that this act, aggravated by the anti-money laundering bill  introduced by the Senate in May of this year , and which has generated controversy in a timely manner with the cryptographic currencies, could generate technological retreats in legal matters in the ecosystem of distributed accounting technologies and cryptomonedas , since they perceive that non-consensual and overly rigid regulations go against a real possibility of legal control and follow-up of bitcoin adoption.
Because of this, the first objective of the organization  is to create a more open and diverse dialogue within the United States Congress for a better understanding of cryptographic tools and a clarification of the legal and economic needs of this sector:
The first priority in this effort will be to engage in a more open and diverse dialogue with the United States Congress, especially with regard to the introduction of a Bill to include Bitcoin in the area of ​​money laundering. (Laundering, Financing of Terrorism and Counterfeiting of 2017).
The Bitcoin Foundation.
The Bitcoin Foundation's main opposition to the new anti-money laundering bill  is the proposed compulsory use of special licenses for money transfer businesses , which would represent a new Bitlicense phenomenon that could affect all exchange houses of the nation and that in the past has had a disadvantageous impact on the state development of DLT and criptomonedas, as for example happened with New York and its Bitcoin license .
This legal discussion takes place in a country that has not determined a unique position against the criptomonedas and that is debated between the regulatory freedom and the strictest laws.
While the Senate debates and promotes research into the possible links of cryptographic currencies to terrorism and other crimes that could lead to serious regulations on crypto-divinity, the US Federal Electoral Commission allows donations in bitcoin format for campaign financing and numerous candidates subscribe to the wave of criptomonedas , legal movements that denote a legal panorama that has not finished giving the last word.

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