Cryptocurrency Girls: anime characters for the broadcast of Bitcoin and blockchain

Cryptocurrency girls' (Girls Cryptocurrency) is a website of Japanese origin whose objective is to explain in a simple way the basic operation of blockchain and of the criptomonedas, by means of the use of anthropomorphic digital coins; in short, girls who represent cryptodivisas with human form, drawn in the anime style.

The website , as well as the articles written on it, are available in both English and Japanese. The page has a variety of articles ranging from " What is Bitcoin, and where to buy them? ", To a bit more technical notes like" Bitflyer the house of exchange with greater volume of transactions in Japan ", each one of the criptomonedas is represented by a girl, who is responsible for talking about herself in the best possible way, as well as blockchain technology in general.
Investing in a criptomoneda is an advantage and a disadvantage at the same time due to its high volatility (severity of price fluctuation). From the financial-speculative point of view, users can interpret that if volatility is high there are many opportunities to make money, but from a liquidation viewpoint it can be understood that if volatility is high, It can be made.
Crypto Currency Girls
With few followers in its social networks, Cryptocurrency Girls , is an initiative that facilitates the understanding of the technology blockchain to the public, particularly Japanese, and therefore is able to facilitate the access of new users to the crypto-environment, being an educative and favorable idea both , how beautiful.
There have been other cases in which art has been used to attract new audiences, or to spread a little-known idea. In the year 2014 the user of DeviantArt ' ProofOfArt ' created several 3D models of women representing criptomonedas, asking their users to support their work through the donation of criptomonedas, and like him, there have been more artists of the internet who have tried to shape their art in the cryptographic environment, either to make illustrations for a news portal, to publicize their work, or as projected by those responsible for Cryptocurrency Girls , to easily carry out the not so simple definitions of crypto to his followers.
The page was created in July of this year, and has an own merchandise store , stickers in the Line app, and a number of informative articles quite pleasant.

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