Paris Hilton is the new fan of the Ethereum ecosystem

The list of renowned figures in the art and entertainment industry attracted by the investment in projects with blockchain and cryptoactive continues to grow, with the addition of its first figure brought from the runways.

Multi-million dollar supermodel Paris Hilton officially joins the celebrity club that supports blockchain-based projects. The celebrity choice is the LydianCoin Ltd. project , a marketing services startup with the blockbind of Ethereum.
The heiress of the famed Hilton hotel chain publicly announced her support for the startup, which has already raised more than $ 2 billion, according to its official website.  Although it is in a stage prior to its launch, its new follower also declares itself to be soaked in knowledge about Ethereum,  having meetings with actors of the ecosystem since last year .

The ex-small screen star, famous for her reality show "The Simple Life", invests in blockchain , but has also shown interest in Internet technology of Things (IoT). Hilton has made ventures in music, television and products of its creation. Now there is the possibility that their interest in the blockchain is the next step to boost the interest and application of decentralized technologies in projects with greater public access.

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