The market for cryptomonedas grows exponentially, and it does so because more and more enthusiasts who decide to start adopting blockchain technology, are interested in investing, buying, selling and even mining. But it is necessary to be aware of the difficulties of introducing a topic like bitcoin in the conception of how the economy works , which is why it is necessary to initiate the hand of professionals to the subject.
Detecting the right opportunity to invest in a cryptomoneda is not an intuitive fact , it is about knowing how to read the market signals, interpret them correctly and do the best for the finances, three tasks that SynergyCriptoAdviser teaches in its trainings for trading in cryptones.
SynergyCriptoAdviser is a company dedicated to providing the most appropriate advice regarding the market for cryptones, which have also decided to undertake an educational work in the Latin American ecosystem, offering training to all interested in learning, from experts, how to read the indicators which ensure profitability in crypto-investments.
The trainings are carried out in person in the main cities of Colombia, and are distributed with three blocks of content, one theoretical and two completely practical.  

SynergyCriptoAdviser training in Barranquilla

Attendees will have eight hours of practice in which they will have access to exclusive material prepared by trade experts to understand how the market works, how to read graphs and identify signals. A material product of long research and experience that does not offer any similar company.
It is also important to note that such as Pedro Gutierrez, founder of SynergyCriptoAdviser - and former director of the Venezuelan Chamber of Franchises (Profranquicias) and former principal director of the Colombian Franchise Chamber (ColFranquicias) -, ensures that the training they provide is not only for enthusiasts who already have previous participation in the ecosystem Bitcoin, because the course is designed to integrate those who wish to give their initial step of the hand of expert traders.
In fact, Gutierrez claims that it is common for attendees of the course to find an interested party who receives their initiation into the ecosystem with the explanation of SynergyCriptoAdviser. An advantage for those who are interested in learning from Bitcoin from an academic and professional perspective.
Another aspect that particularly draws the attention of the training of SynergyCriptoAdviser is that to dedicate a section of the class to explain the manipulations to the market, and especially, the tools to develop vision in the long term and not to fall in the nervousness to sell ahead of time .
Those interested in training for trading within Colombia still have ten opportunities this year, as soon to announce the cities that will visit the course in the coming months. And they can register by leaving their data on their website or by writing to Whatsapp for more ease ( +57 316 482 81 68 and +57 304 424 04 53)


Colombia will not be the border that limits SynergyCriptoAdviser to impart its training, since its objective is at continental level. In 2018 the company will begin an educational tour through Latin America that will pass through Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Santiago and Lima.
The projection of SynergyCriptoAdviser, extends to host and offer our portfolio of services at Continental level, thanks to our extensive experience and human capital. This is a result of the growing need identified in the Latin American market for responsible and safe exercises around the cryptones.
Pedro Gutierrez
Founder, SynergyCriptoAdviser
Gutierrez also said that soon they will be launching a second training module, much more advanced , focused mainly on the operations of margin trading, long positions and more effective signals.


Although it is clear that the educational mission of SynergyCriptoAdviser is currently the company's main focus, this does not mean that the innovations of this company founded in 2016 stop there.
Backed is an important intellectual capital, robust and sustainable, the company that has proposed to educate in matter of trade to Colombia also plans to open the store of Synergy. Shop that will be available from the end of 2017 so that those interested in the mining of criptomonedas can buy the necessary hardware for it .
The business model proposed by SynergyCriptoAdviser for this includes all the necessary steps to import the equipment, nationalize it and make the corresponding shipment. This in addition to extending its educational commitment to provide advice to miners to optimize the performance of mining equipment.


SynergyCriptoAdviser offers a VIP service, which gives its affiliates between 70 and 90 investment signals per month and between 4 and 40% of profitability and effectiveness of 65 to 80%. In addition to two monthly zoom of fundamental market analysis and a refreshment of indicators, a highly valued service among traders.
This is on par with the free investment signal service available from your Telegram channel. Channel that access more than 2000 people and has between 30 and 40 signs of investment per month .
Cryptomoneda education is important for the development of the ecosystem, especially in a country like Colombia that has received one of the largest waves of adoption in the continent , despite the fact that thousands of people have been victims of scams for ignorance.
Currently, according to Gutierrez, the Colombian market has regained confidence in the criptomonedas, deciding to set aside all the shady events that have taken place in the past. At the same time that government decisions are made in which it bets by blockchain and the regulation of bitcoin. Decisions include the incorporation of the Bank of the Republic of Colombia to the consortium blockchain R3 .
The Colombian government has made significant changes in recent years, in search of the strengthening and growth of its economy and that is why I am sure that soon the Crypton Coins will find their place within the governmental regulations, as far as the tax and legislative it means.
Pedro Gutierrez
Founder, SynergyCriptoAdviser
Innovations such as SynergyCriptoAdviser in educational matters, and as a business model coupled with the government efforts that support the country's technological and financial growth are undoubtedly two factors that will make a difference in the immediate future in terms of adoption.

Disclaimer:  Cripto-Live is not responsible for the products and / or services described. This press release is for informational purposes only, the information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.

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