ViaBTC returns open source platform after being forced to shut down in China

This September 27 through a tweet in his official Twitter account, ViaBTC, one of China's largest cryptononedas exchange houses; publicly disclosed the code of its software for the use of the general public.

The code published in Github  shows a number of technical details as well as the option to clone or download the code. The operating system for which it was designed is Ubuntu 14.04 or Ubuntu 16.04, has not been tested on others, and requires MySQL, Redis and Kafka to run. An event database and high-speed library programming network easily support 1000k of TCP connections. At the moment it registers 231 forks in the page.

"We have just released the open source code for the ViaBTC trading engine. Bifurquenlo ", it is read in the mentioned Tweet . In addition, it is described in this website that it is a fast code with high transaction support:
The ViaBTC Exchange Server is a high-speed platform designed to exchange cryptones. It can support up to 10,000 transactions per second and user / market notifications in real time through the websocket.
Then a map of the architecture with an emphasis on the server is shown:

The reason for the release of this code that would allow the creation of exchange house servers is unknown, but its publication coincides with the closing of operations of ViaBTC as an exchange service in China  announced this September 15 , after the ban of ICO and closing obligation to the exchange houses of cryptoactive companies operating in the Asian country, which included other web services such as BTCC, Yunbi and YoBTC.
ViaBTC has previously been the victim of malleability attacks on the cryptomoneda transactions created by them, BitcoinCash, in early August.
It was announced along with the closing of its page, which will continue to offer its mining service on the web and its mine pool, which is located as number 4 of the Bitcoin network, ahead of Slush Pool.

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