Learn about the benefits of Playkey's PKT token

From the past 1 to the 30 of November they can participate in the Initial Offer of Coins (ICO) of Playkey. In it you will get the cryptoactive company called PKT and you can have all the benefits of this.

The main function of the PKT token will be to buy and sell subscriptions of its video game service in the cloud , as well as other future services and products that will soon be available on the Playkey platform  The PKT token will be the monetary unit to be taken into account for all economic transactions within the Playkey ecosystem and will even be used to interact with other digital services.
The cryptoactive PKT will be developed with a maximum distribution limit , so in the long term it will not be inflationary. PKT units will be easily interchangeable and transferable like any other cryptoactive. They will also be added to several exchange offices to exchange them.
This token will be implemented under the standards of the ERC20 tokens of the Ethereum public network. In this way said tokens will have all the benefits of ease of implementation and use of the Ethereum ecosystem .


With this cryptoactive you can have different types of benefits in the short, medium and long term. Each will come from different opportunities that this cryptoactive can present.
In the short term, PKT will be used to make transactions between miners and video players , as well as, buy videogame programs. During the first stage of the Playkey expansion, they will integrate the PKT portfolio to all existing company accounts and transfer all current transactions to PKT.
Decentralized service that Playkey will offer
It is expected that the PKT tokens will be purchased by video players at the cryptocurrency exchange houses or on the official Playkey website. With this the video players are going to pay the miners to play using their computing power . The miners will share a part of the profits with the Playkey Foundation, which will offer technical and development services to the program that the miners will use, organize relations with the publicists, the marketing and the development of the ecosystem.
Role of the future Playkey Foundation
From the beginning, Playkey will offer smart contract packages to establish agreements between miners and video players . In them they will agree the extensions of the hours of game, be by hours, daily, weekly or monthly; as well as the video quality that they will lend to video players. Also, the conditions of said agreements will be registered in them, as well as the steps to follow in case of non-compliance of any of the parties.
The Playkey Foundation will be working closely with the mining community to recommend the best price for both parties. Even so, the final decision of the prices will remain in the hands of the same miners. The goal of the foundation will be to build a sustainable business model , where video players who do not know about blockchain technology can enjoy a good gaming experience easily.
In order to protect the quality of the service by the miners, a service level agreement will be requested . In which they will demand the minimum requirements of computing equipment, bandwidth and time in connection.
In the medium term , Playkey plans to return its decentralized network where it does not depend on them, but on the community itself. The servers that are purchased by the development fund after their ICO will be placed in an open auction, where each PKT token holder will have the opportunity to buy that computational capacity that will generate profits for their owners.
Finally, in the long term the Playkey Foundation will expand its ecosystem to cover the functions of research and development, marketing, development and publication of video games, monetization within video games, electronic sports, live videos, applications and content creation.
The primary objective of the Playkey ecosystem is to provide all the advantages and benefits to its participants , which will enhance the growth of the number of service providers and user platforms. The initial key that will boost the growth of the ecosystem will be the services of video games in the cloud, which will provide great value to both the miners and the video players.
For more information, check out the Playkey white paper.

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