Esports.com has successfully completed the ICO of its new ERT token, which will be the official currency of esports.com, with a total of 24 million tokens.

An unprecedented demand led to the sale of more ERT tokens than anticipated, raising sufficient funds to secure the financing of all planned investments and the completion of the construction of the esports.com platform.
Referring to the success of the ICO, the Chief Electronic Sports Director Benjamin Főckersperger said:
"This allows us to make our dream come true and motivates us to work hard to implement our ambitious plan to make esports.com the largest e-gaming community in the world."
Coinexchange.io will officially include the ERT token in its exchange, with c-cex.com being the following. The introduction in HitBtc is planned for the beginning of the new year. To ensure that the major Esports players  accept the token and join the trading, ERT will also be established at esports-consortium.com. The exclusive cooperation will boost the growth of the platform. The first one will be an official exclusive content license agreement with ESL. Among other features, ESL will provide live content from its own events to esports.com. Other critical alliances with the best international players will be finalized by the end of Q1 2018.
The future of Esports.com looks bright with its CEO Michael Broda pointing out:
"The success of the ERT ICO is not a big surprise for us. It is one of the few tokens, which are based on real value (the value of esports.com URL exceeds the capital invested) and combined with the exclusive esports.com platform payment option, is a long-term investment not only for players".
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Read the White Paper: https://esports.com/whitepaper 
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