The Initial Monetary Offer (ICO) of FINOM financial services platform will end in a few hours. Each investor can participate in the growth of this project that is already present in 178 countries around the world and has more than 520 thousand clients worldwide.
The ICO is active since November 15 and will remain so until December 31 . Interested parties may invest amounts from US $ 100,000 or its equivalent in euros, bitcoins or ethers . Amounts under $ 99,999 are only accepted in bitcoin or ether.
45% of FIN and NOM token is offered in this ICO and the remaining 55% will be reserved within the company subject to blockades until 2020. A total of 113,300,000 FIN has been issued and 50,985,000 will be sold to a price of 2 dollars each . Any user, regardless of the level of experience or the size of their investment, can easily use the cryptoactives and the FINOM platform.
For its operation, this blockchain platform will have the FIN token and the NOM token . The first will work as an action of the company, allowing investors to perceive profits associated with its growth and the second will have utilitarian purposes within the platform. With the purchase of FIN the user receives a free NOM bonus, which will serve as a currency within the FINOM ecosystem .
We are already using blockchain technology to create reliable and convenient financial services. We see a greater development of the company in the integration of both new and existing services in a blockchain ecosystem with a single point of entry and an intelligent assistant. The purpose of this ecosystem is to open the world of finance to the general public.
The company has five active businesses on a global scale: Nanopool Mining pool, one of the largest altcoin mining pools in the world; TabTrader, very popular terminal for the cryptocurrency trade; Cryptonit cryptocurrency, a house of change that works since 2012; Cryptal Mining Center, specialized in the mining of ETH and, which offers a simple and direct bitcoin shopping experience from smartphones, with a credit or debit card.
FINOM is made up of Kirill Suslov, who serves as CEO; its financial director, Denis Suslov; its technology director, Alexandr Barkovsky and its business developer, Rustam Kutuev. It also has the advice of certified professional organizer and BUX co-founder, Robert Bos, as well as the Blockchain Frontier Group president, Xiaochen Zhang, among others.
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